Election Edition Day 1

We have been discussing the election for more than a year now, and we are now in the home stretch. I never want to relive an election like this again, personally, it has been stressful and exhausting. I am so tired of talking about this event that has dominated the news and conversations, and brings up this mix of anger and fear that I have never felt about an election.

I went to Greece for three weeks, most of my time was spent at a yoga retreat, which is amazing, and relaxing, and an experience I am so thankful for. I was there for the first debate, and part of me was content of finding out what happened after the fact, but I felt like I needed to know what was going to be said. I woke up at 5 in the morning, to go to the nearest place with wifi, which was a cafe, to sit in the dark by myself, to watch the live coverage on Youtube. It was a very unique and personal experience, but while being in a remote and relaxing place, I could not step away from the election. I keep thinking about how are we going to look back on this endless election cycle;  as a historical moment, or something to not repeat, or perhaps a little of both?

To take a reprieve from the FiveThirtyEight  obsessing and the following of witty and deplorable Twitter  feeds, I’ve decided to do a Beurskens Picks song up until Tuesday. Today’s pick is Bon Iver’s “22 (Over Soon)” from the album 22, A Million.

It’s a good song to think about facing the end of the election. The first vocal of the song is what draws me into this song, it’s minimalistic and has strong lyrics. Which I think I just described every Bon Iver song that exists.

With that hang on for the next few day, because it will be over soon.