Nothing Ordinary

Plant A Seed And Watch It Grow

I would not consider myself an activist. I would say I am socially aware and I’m not opposed to donating my time and money to various nonprofits. I didn’t feel the need to protest after the election of Trump, as a response to the overwhelming amounts of emotion that transpired in the days following November 8th.


When I found out there was to be a Women’s March on Washington and subsequent satellite marches, I knew this is something that I wanted to participate in. I felt really strongly about attending, and I felt like everyone that I knew should attend too. And looking at social media post of my friends across the country, so many people participated in what was truly a positive and reaffirming day. It was the first time in a couple of months that I felt like we really are all in this together. I marched in Los Angeles, as soon as I was amongst the large throng of people, I started to well up. I still can’t believe the impact that being there had on me. I have never been in such a large group of positive and polite people. It made me so proud to be there, and it made me so proud to be a resident of Los Angeles. One of the reasons why I have always loved LA is that it is diverse in so many ways, and that diversity was evident on Saturday as well. It’s a day that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about and has sparked conversations between friends and even strangers. Discussions that would not have even occurred two months ago. Did you attend a march?

I recently just discovered the song Nothing Ordinary, by the band Lucius. I know I’m three years behind. I’m not quite sure why the female leads look like twins, but this song is really great. In a time that is not ordinary, this song is appropriate. For an amazing action that surpassed attendance estimations across the country, it’s not an ordinary event. Listen as you go about your Wednesday today and think about what you can do on this day, that’s ordinary or not.

The New Year

“There’d be no distance that could hold us back”

I was once told by a stranger “Oh, you’re a January person.” as if I were to be categorized with people who describe themselves as a morning person. I didn’t know it was a thing but yes, I am a January person.

I love the beginning of the year. I like taking the month of January to purge my room of stuff and donate items taking up space. I don’t make resolutions for my year, I make goals. I sit down and write them out, reflecting on what I want, whether they are big goals or just little ones, like reading more. I like saying “Happy New Year” because it’s a phrase that you can say to everyone depending on if you see them at 12:01 am on January 1st or on the 14th.

“The New Year” by Death Cab For Cutie is a song about the new year, although I think they’re really talking about New Year’s Eve and the moment’s after.

What are your goals this year? Whatever they may be I wish you a Happy New Year!

Election Edition Day 2.8

Honestly, I can’t find a song. I’m just at my wits end about talking about the election. Or thinking about it, or worrying about it. How has it come to this. How has it become so messy and shocking, but yet none of us are shocked by it still. We’re just hit in the face with more information, which seems to be get more shocking, and more telling as time goes on. Are we there yet?

So here’s a song that I urge you to listen to, when you just need to listen to something else besides pundits, politicians, and polls. Youth Lagoon’s ‘Montana’ from their album The Year of Hibernation is a perfect song for drowning out everything else that is related to all things election. I also feel that the album is aptly named because I feel we will all need to hibernate from all things political for at least a year.

Election Edition Day 1

We have been discussing the election for more than a year now, and we are now in the home stretch. I never want to relive an election like this again, personally, it has been stressful and exhausting. I am so tired of talking about this event that has dominated the news and conversations, and brings up this mix of anger and fear that I have never felt about an election.

I went to Greece for three weeks, most of my time was spent at a yoga retreat, which is amazing, and relaxing, and an experience I am so thankful for. I was there for the first debate, and part of me was content of finding out what happened after the fact, but I felt like I needed to know what was going to be said. I woke up at 5 in the morning, to go to the nearest place with wifi, which was a cafe, to sit in the dark by myself, to watch the live coverage on Youtube. It was a very unique and personal experience, but while being in a remote and relaxing place, I could not step away from the election. I keep thinking about how are we going to look back on this endless election cycle;  as a historical moment, or something to not repeat, or perhaps a little of both?

To take a reprieve from the FiveThirtyEight  obsessing and the following of witty and deplorable Twitter  feeds, I’ve decided to do a Beurskens Picks song up until Tuesday. Today’s pick is Bon Iver’s “22 (Over Soon)” from the album 22, A Million.

It’s a good song to think about facing the end of the election. The first vocal of the song is what draws me into this song, it’s minimalistic and has strong lyrics. Which I think I just described every Bon Iver song that exists.

With that hang on for the next few day, because it will be over soon.

This I Believe

N.P.R. used to have a series called This I Believe that they played during broadcasts asking people to declare what it is they did believe. I enjoyed listening to this series, and it always made me think about what I would say. What do I believe?  I would think about my convictions and thoughts that I know to be true. I  wished that I had been given this as a writing assignment as a high school student. Doesn’t it seem like something someone in high school would have forced you to write?

On Friday night when I was alerted that Muhammad Ali had died, I immediately thought of his This I Believe essay. Ali and his wife, Lonnie, read an essay full of confidence and also what it means to be vulnerable, and fearful. Listen to the full story at N.P.R. here.

I think what I really love about this essay, is that Ali knew what he wanted. He knew and thought, he was the greatest. I think because so often,  I am filled with doubt and question so much of what I am doing, which is self defeating, and something I know so much more than confidence. I think after listening to this essay again I am struck by Ali’s conviction of being the greatest.

Here is a song to reflect on after you listen to Muhammad Ali, “The World’s Greatest” by Bonnie Prince Billy.  It sounds like a song that was written specifically for Ali, but it’s also sad and contemplative which seems appropriate for the passing of someone so iconic. Maybe you’ll think about what you believe or continue to be great at what you’re doing.

Every Day Is A New Age

Two years ago, two days before my birthday, I decided to begin my new year with this blog and registered Beurskens Picks. Then the blog sat dormant for about a year before I posted anything. Here we are again with another year around the sun as Beurskens Picks and I both turn a new age.

I am not a person that goes all out for their birthday. I don’t celebrate my birthday month, or week. If I tell people it’s my birthday, who I am not friends with on Facebook, it’s usually done in a lowered voice. I am perfectly happy spending time with my family and friends going out to dinner, a drink, or just doing a little birthday window shopping solo. I enjoy receiving texts and phone calls from friends and loved ones. Say what you want about Facebook, but Facebook on your birthday is kind of the best.

For this new year of my life, and blog, I’m continuing to write and post regularly and with that I could think of no other song that fits more appropriately than Jose Gonzalez’s  Every Age off the album Vestiges & Claws. This song, as most of Gonzalez’s songs, as contemplative, but simple and powerful. It’s a song that feels right to celebrate a new year of life on earth. It’s a song that makes me feel hopeful for this new year and really that’s what a birthday should bring.