The New Year

“There’d be no distance that could hold us back”

I was once told by a stranger “Oh, you’re a January person.” as if I were to be categorized with people who describe themselves as a morning person. I didn’t know it was a thing but yes, I am a January person.

I love the beginningĀ of the year. I like taking the month of January to purge my room of stuff and donate items taking up space. I don’t make resolutions for my year, I make goals. I sit down and write them out, reflecting on what I want, whether they are big goals or just little ones, like reading more. I like saying “Happy New Year” because it’s a phrase that you can say to everyone depending on if you see them at 12:01 am on January 1st or on the 14th.

“The New Year” by Death Cab For Cutie is a song about the new year, although I think they’re really talking about New Year’s Eve and the moment’s after.

What are your goals this year? Whatever they may be I wish you a Happy New Year!