Nothing But Another Blog Post

Sometimes I find myself in these moods of restless discomfort and I know the songs to play to either exacerbate this feeling or the songs that will give comfort and make the day and my mood manageable. Jolie Holland’s “Damn Shame” of her album Escondida  is a song that has the ability to do both of those things. It’s quiet, almost lullaby tune drifts along while Jolie sings along, there is the sense of anger and sadness.  A song that speaks of wanting and loneliness. Wishing to be with someone who is twelve hours ahead, which seems planets away. She seems resigned and accepting but there’s hints of anger every time she says “Its a god damn shame”

It is wistful tinted with this repeated line of “its a nothing but a god damned shame’ which adds this element of anger to this wanting she sends to someone far around the world.  “The smell of burnt exhaust drifts into the bar.” a line that sums up something that is toxic that seeps into a place of escape. I think part of the reason why I am enamored with this song is the fact that I can’t share it. As a radio dj in compliance with FCC standards there is a profanity law, that makes “Damn Shame” a song that will never be on the airwaves. Which really is a shame because I cant shake its sad sweeping lyrics from my mind. I think this song particular speaks to ones own internal battle. Trying to go along and be accepting but having the urge to shake one’s fist in anger. At the lover half way around the world, at the time spent thinking alone, with the damn shame of not sharing music with others.