Every Day Is A New Age

Two years ago, two days before my birthday, I decided to begin my new year with this blog and registered Beurskens Picks. Then the blog sat dormant for about a year before I posted anything. Here we are again with another year around the sun as Beurskens Picks and I both turn a new age.

I am not a person that goes all out for their birthday. I don’t celebrate my birthday month, or week. If I tell people it’s my birthday, who I am not friends with on Facebook, it’s usually done in a lowered voice. I am perfectly happy spending time with my family and friends going out to dinner, a drink, or just doing a little birthday window shopping solo. I enjoy receiving texts and phone calls from friends and loved ones. Say what you want about Facebook, but Facebook on your birthday is kind of the best.

For this new year of my life, and blog, I’m continuing to write and post regularly and with that I could think of no other song that fits more appropriately than Jose Gonzalez’s  Every Age off the album Vestiges & Claws. This song, as most of Gonzalez’s songs, as contemplative, but simple and powerful. It’s a song that feels right to celebrate a new year of life on earth. It’s a song that makes me feel hopeful for this new year and really that’s what a birthday should bring.